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Metaverse Explained: What is it, and how it works?

Seven Things You Need To Know About Metaverse Today! 

Metaverse, the metaverse, and metaverse studio are three terms that are often used interchangeably, but do they mean the same thing? And what does it all mean, anyway? Here we’ll explain how the word Metaverse came about, explore some popular implementations of this concept, and examine whether or not it can truly be called reality today.  

By the end of this article, you should have a much better understanding of what the Metaverse is as well as its future potential. 

So, what exactly does Metaverse mean? And why do you keep hearing about it so much in the news lately? 

Find out more about this exciting concept of an immersive environment in this article! 

Let’s dive in! 

Metaverse Explained - What is it and how it works?
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Possibilities are you possibly will think about a virtual 3D environment where humans come together, socialize, and connect.  

But the reality of it is much more than that, and if this concept could ever be real -it would have to be built from scratch by virtual reality developers who specialize in creating immersive online experiences using VR/AR technologies such as Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens, as well as Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4 game engines. 

Let’s clarify what we mean by the word metaverse and how it relates to VR and AR. 

The metaverse, like the internet, consists of interconnected networks of computers or nodes that transmit information and connect people in virtual space. 

The concept of Metaverse 

A collective virtual shared space, created by people connected via technology. In other words, a new digital world—shared with others—that exists alongside our own. 

When talking about virtual reality, many people immediately start dreaming of a virtual world where they can live in any way they want to. While not all AR experiences will let you do that completely, an increasing number of AR apps are allowing users to interact with digital entities. 

Humans don’t know what life would be like if we had access to AI – so why not explore what life could be like if we had control over it in some sense?  

That’s where metaverses come into play! 

What is Metaverse? 

Most people have never heard of it. The metaverse refers to a virtual reality (VR) world created using software code that allows users to create an avatar that looks like them and interact with other avatars in various online games. The virtual space can be altered using specialized software so that users can develop their games or buy what they need from online marketplaces. As a result, companies like Metaverse Studio can create competitive economies within these different worlds. 

Facebook (now Meta) is investing heavily in developers and their developer ecosystem so that they can find success and build groundbreaking games. Not just it’s limited to gaming, but it will be a place for entertainment, work, socializing, education, fitness and so much more. 

HORIZON HOME– Unveiling rapidly as an update to the prevailing Home experience, this is Facebook’s (now Meta) early vision for our Home in the metaverse- a social space where we will be able to bring friends to hang out, watch videos together, or jump into POPULATION: ONE with your squad. 

Metaverse characters enjoying a virtual get-together.
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Metaverse Augmented reality events and games
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Metaverse characters travelling the virtual world
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HORIZON WORKROOMS– Workrooms are virtual meeting spaces where you and your colleagues can work better together from literally anywhere cafes, beaches, etc. 

You can join a meeting in VR as an avatar or dial into the virtual room from your computer by video call. 

  • Bring your writing desk, computer, and keyboard into VR with you 
  • Feel like you’re together with avatars and spatial audio 
  • A virtual whiteboard as big as your ideas 
  • A room to suit every task 
  • Join in VR or by video call 
  • Designed to use your hands 
  • Meeting notes, file sharing, calendar integration, and chat 
Metavserse virtual meetings in augmented reality
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HORIZON WORLD– Over the past year, Facebook (now Meta) has transported several innovative elements into the Horizon Worlds that have made it easier in creating complex worlds and greatly stretched the ceiling of what experiences are possible to build. 

Have you had an idea for a game or experience and just never had the right toolset to bring that vision to life? 

If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own paintball game, social hangout space, a mind-bending escape room, a collection of party games, or even a racing experience where you fly through a city on a broom, this is the time to join Horizon Worlds and build with Meta. 

Metaverse universe example with Augmented reality characters of humans
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Facebook (now Meta) and many other companies are working on bringing endless opportunities! 

How does the Metaverse work? 

It’s super easy.  

1) You create an avatar of yourself.  

2) You purchase land or a building using Linden dollars (the currency in all 3 Metaverse platforms).  

3) Then you build whatever you want. And  

4) You can invite your friends to visit that space or use it for work, for shopping or just to hang out with your pals. 

The Metaverse ecosystem has a large number of users that can share, buy, or sell digital goods as well as create new environments to participate in virtual reality (VR) experiences. The Metaverse system is based on three layers; allowing users to publish, find and create digital assets. Users will be able to monetize their creations through trading with other users within these shared worlds.  

As a result of having millions of participants, there will be many profitable opportunities across markets to conduct business freely. 

Who can build in the Metaverse? 

Most people can build in the Metaverse.  

The Metaverse Studio offers a simple way to create virtual experiences using your phone or computer. Once you have created an experience in Metaverse Studio, you can then publish it as a web page so that anyone on Earth can visit your experience instantly through their web browser! You do not need any special plug-ins like Flash to view a published experience. 

If you have a Gear VR or Daydream View headset, you’re in luck: these headsets are cross-compatible with other Oculus users. Just download their app, log in to your Facebook account—or make one specifically for VRChat—and enjoy chatting with friends who might be in another country.  

The app also works on Oculus Go and Samsung’s Odyssey headsets. For those of us who don’t live near an Oculus Touch controller store (like me), we can’t create avatars or enter rooms in other players’ homes. That said, just watching others do things is fun enough!  

There are plenty of free places to visit even if I can’t participate myself. 

Metaverse augmented reality gaming experience
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Applications for developers 

As a developer, you can utilize Metaverse Studio to quickly build your own unique MVS worlds or create standalone applications on top of existing MVS worlds. As an end-user, you can utilize client applications such as Metamask to interact with existing MVS environments created by developers or by other users.  

Developers are also able to craft their own unique Metamask-based blockchain browsers that can be used by end-users to interact with Metaverse’s cross-chain functionality. 

A woman in metaverse - Click Glitz

Applications for businesses 

When a business uses Metaverse for their internal communication, they can create a universal address book that allows employees to share information with each other without necessarily knowing each other’s contact information.  

Businesses can create a wide variety of use cases using Metaverse – sales teams that are in remote locations will be able to collaborate more easily on product launches; companies will be able to deliver better customer service by allowing customers to talk to multiple departments at once through Metaverse. 

Metaverse augmented reality virtual parties
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The Future of The Metaverse 

In today’s digital age we can create 3D virtual realities that anyone with a VR headset or computer can access. We call these digital spaces the metaverse— and they are quickly becoming our online future.  

By 2025 over 200 million people will spend time each week in virtual reality experiences; by 2045 over 80% of humanity will be spending time in immersive experiences every single day! 

The question isn’t whether or not we are living in a metaverse today – but rather how will we use our newfound capabilities to take us beyond into something greater than we could have ever imagined. 

Augmented reality events in metaverse
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A lot of work exists between where we’re at now and where we see the metaverse. The whole world is thrilled though, and we hope to see you along with us on the journey!

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