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Lead Generation Services

Lead with Insight, Objectives, Results

At Click Glitz, we specialize in turning your clicks into customers!

What You Get

Qualified Leads

You only pay for qualified leads – no hidden fees! We take care of identifying, attracting, transforming, and securing customer prospects for your business.

Confirmed Customers

No more wasting time on leads that are not interested! Accelerate your customer acquisition pipeline with our confirmed customers We will identify, secure, convert and nurture all prospects for your business so they are ready for direct participation.

Targeted Ads

No more paying for leads that are not serious. Included as part of our Lead Generation services, we take care of all paid and organic media campaigns to provide you with the most qualified lead our optimized ad campaigns.

See The Results

Google estimates that for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses receive $8 in profit. Now the question is, are you ready to start making a profit?


Fulfill the true purpose of having a website; let people find you online.

Web Development

Show your brand in its glory with a website that matches your brand persona.

Social Media Marketing

Make your mark on the most popular social media platforms with our tailored posts.

Lead Generation

Objectively Qualified Lead -Pay for qualified leads only.

Creative Services

Deploy your brand across new communications with our creativity and graphics.

Search Engine Optimization

What you get

Optimized Website Content

The average content length of the top position Google article contains 2,416 words. Click Glitz is here to populate your website with quality optimized content with thoroughly researched keywords related to your brand. We'll also make sure the website loads quickly and grabs all those conversions at blazing fast speeds and response time to provide a natural feel.

Tracking and Improving SEO

Did you know approximately 90% of users' online experience begins with a search? Be ahead of your competition by knowing your website ranking with our SEO tracking. Know your website keywords and their position on your website for an improved SEO.

Website Maintenance

Did you know your website constantly requires, timely security checks, software updates, scheduled back-ups, SEO tracking, and optimized content for blazing speeds to be regularly maintained. Enhance your brand experience with our website maintenance services. Save money and efforts for any rainy day.

Optimized Media

Did you know 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load? This is where we come in and optimize media for your website by using web-friendly techniques.

Measurement & Reporting

We offer timely reports for your website performance. Our reporting involves a deep dive into website KPIs relevant to your business, precise keywords reporting, as well as tactics to take your web presence to new horizons.

What you get

Your Footprint across Social Platforms

Did you know 4.55 billion people are now active on social media globally? At Click Glitz, we ensure your business has a holistic presence across all social media platforms.

Quality Content

Quality triumphs over quantity every time! We ensure this remains true for all your content. Through integrated social media marketing strategies, we will ensure quality content, derived from objective-focused messaging, is executed on the appropriate social media platform.

Keeping up with…Trends

Social Media is all about trends and we make sure your business remains in the centre! From the type of content to the type of media, we are here to ensure your brand remains consistently trendy in delivering all sorts of expressions.

Target Audience

Right audiences lead to the right results! We help your brand derive the right target audiences as a pathway for building your brand community. Using a personalized social media marketing plan approach, we ensure to build your brand following and community around your brand persona.

Social Media Marketing

Web Development

What you get

Responsive Web Design

Did you know over 45% percent of online users believe that a mobile-friendly website signifies how much a business cares about its users? Our innovative mobile-friendly websites are designed to adapt to all kinds of devices and screens.

Website Maintenance

With appropriate hosting and constant updates, we will make sure the website loads quickly and grabs all those conversions at blazing fast speeds and response time to provide a natural feel.

Light Weight Code

47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. We make sure your website loads within seconds! Using minimal code, we ensure to design and develop swift yet customizable websites.

Best Practices in Web Development

Inconsistent structure and confusing website layouts can be bad for your business. We make sure your website has a consistent and structured layout, so your visitors keep coming back more, remaining engaged.

Dynamic Content

82 percent of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content. We develop fully customizable websites that allow you to update your content regularly.